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Looking for something to do with your Script Frenzy script?

The BBC Writer’s Room is looking for:

  • Films
    Films are self-contained stories, usually running from 75 minutes to an hour and a half or so. 
  • TV Drama
    A series uses recurring characters to tell a self-contained story each week, while a serial is a single story told over a finite number of episodes. 
  • TV Sitcom
    A TV sitcom is a comedy which uses the same characters to tell a self-contained story every week. 
  • Radio Sitcom
    Sitcoms for radio can be recorded with or without a studio audience, and are a staple of the Radio 4 schedule. 
  • Radio Drama
    There are several different slots available for radio drama

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Your number one focus is to create a situation in which two characters each have an urgent, immediate need and those needs are in direct opposition to one another. The distance you deviate from this will measure the level of deterioration of your scenes’ health.


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There are times when writing is an uphill march (barefoot, with snow and wolves). There are times when we have to write something, fail, come back, do it again, fail, come back, do it again, until we’ve got it right.

Now is not that time.

We have only got one month to write a script. We need to write downhill. We need to steer around obstacles, not through them.

Writing Downhill by Daniel Heath


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Engaging characters are at the heart of all good drama, no matter how mainstream or unusual your idea may be. Your characters should be believable, even if they are in an incredible situation. We should be able to empathise or engage with the main characters, even if we don’t necessarily like them. It’s hard to care about a character that plays a passive role in their own story, so make your central characters as active as possible – There should be all kinds of conflicts and difficulties for your characters to deal with – scripts are rarely interesting if the writer is too easy on or too nice to the characters.
From Writing TV Drama from the BBC Writer’s Room

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