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Here’s the goodbye letter I sent to my Script Frenzy area

My fellow Screnzians,

By now most of you will have heard the news but for those that haven’t: Script Frenzy has been cancelled. While my personal feelings on this are a mixture of sadness and anger at how this went down, I wanted to reach out to all of you one final time to thank you and share some good news for our script writing ambitions in a post Screnzy world.FYI the Script Frenzy site will be shuttered soon so this is your very last communication from me.

I cannot thank you all enough for your enthusiasm, your passion, your talents and most of all your participation these last few years that I served as ML. I appreciate each of you regardless of whether you participated in events or not and I truly thank you for sharing in this crazy writing frenzy. I loved this event, small as it was, and each of you were a part of that. I will miss writing with you.

Since this may well be farewell, I need you to promise me one thing. Promise me that, even without the 30 day April deadline, you’ll keep writing, keep working on your dreams and keep nurturing your creativity in the face of all the distractions of the real world. The end of Script Frenzy doesn’t have to mean the end of your script writing journey and I hope you won’t let it be.

On that note, there is a little good news in the midst of this. Camp NaNoWriMo will be held in April this year and they’ve added a new option to allow you to write scripts. So, while it’s no Script Frenzy, you’ll still be able to participate in a Screnzy-like event by writing your script in 30 days during the April Camp NaNoWriMo session. The community structure for that event is very different than what you may be used to from Screnzy but it’s at least a way to keep the Script Frenzy challenge alive. I encourage you to consider joining me in participating this year. (You can use the same login info on the Camp NaNoWriMo site as you did for Script Frenzy if you want to check it out.)

Lastly, all my old script writing articles and pep talks will remain archived here if you need them and the Tumblr will stay active (though I’ll likely rename it at some point). Even though Screnzy is gone, if you find yourself in need of a pep talk or advice, please don’t ever hesitate to contact me and I’d be happy to try to help. My contact info is below and I’ll remain your ML in spirit forever.

This brings us to the big fade out, the final curtain, the last panel. I wish you all nothing but the best in your writing endeavors and I hope to see you around the internet.

And… Scene.

Your ML,


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BREAKING NEWS: OLL cancels Script Frenzy, sister event to NaNoWriMo

Here’s the official announcement on this:

Dear Scriptwriters,

One thing that has made us proud over the years is how many people can call themselves scriptwriters because of Script Frenzy. Since 2007, the year Script Frenzy began, you and 85,000 other total participants have taken on the audacious challenge of writing a 100-page script—churning out nearly 1.4 million pages of original plays, TV shows, movies, and graphic novels.

While those numbers are impressive, we’ve struggled in other ways to put on Script Frenzy. Script Frenzy’s participant numbers haven’t grown along with our other writing programs’, and that has affected our ability to raise enough funds to put on the event because we rely on donations from participants to host them. Approximately 16,500 writers took part in Script Frenzy this year compared to the more than 350,000 writers who participated in NaNoWriMo, Camp NaNoWriMo, and the Young Writers Program.

As much as we wish we could continue hosting Script Frenzy, the OLL board recently voted to end Script Frenzy because it was operating at a loss that was unsustainable. I want you to know that this was an incredibly difficult decision, and one that was carefully considered for several years, but we have to do it for the overall health of the organization.

Even though we can’t continue hosting Script Frenzy, we want to keep its spirit alive as we focus on our mission of helping “children and adults find the inspiration, encouragement, and structure they need to achieve their creative potential.” We believe that everyone has a story to tell—and there’s no other organization as passionate about helping people tell their stories as we are.

Just as the impact of Script Frenzy will live on after the end of the program, we want to find ways to keep the community going as well. A Script Frenzy forum will be created on the NaNoWriMo site to host all things scripty, and help participants to stay in touch. We are also working on a way to archive the Script Frenzy resources so they remain accessible to participants.

On behalf of the entire OLL staff and board, I thank you for everything you’ve done for the organization. Your writerly spunk and derring-do has inspired us in so many ways. We’re so honored that we get to work with people like you who take such brave creative risks and embrace the challenge of making—diving into your imagination, following your whimsy, chasing fantastical creatures, or capturing the life around you.

Kudos also to the heroic team who made Script Frenzy such a creative adventure these many years: Chris Baty; Program Director Sandra Salas; past Directors Jen Arzt and Kristina Malsberger; the OLL board and staff; and our heroic Script Frenzy Municipal Liaisons.

Thank you, again, for everything. We look forward to more creative frenzies with you—because I know we all have more stories to tell!

With gratitude,
Grant Faulkner
Executive Director

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Thinking of signing up for Camp NaNoWriMo? Already signed up? Win some fabulous prizes just for logging in!

Because there’s only a few hours left to enter this contest, we’re changed the rules! We’ll give out 3 prize packs no matter how many people enter! 

Your chances of winning are insanely high so go enter…


Contest: Win 5 bound print copies of your book or script just for signing up for Camp NaNoWriMo

I’m hosting a contest at the link above for anyone who signs up for Camp NaNoWriMo. You don’t even have to win, you just need to go to the Camp NaNoWriMo site and login with either your NaNoWriMo or Script Frenzy login info and then post your camper profile on the post linked above. Anyone, whether they’ve participated in any OLL event in the past or not, is eligible. 

(via wordscount)

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Thinking of signing up for Camp NaNoWriMo? Already signed up? Win some fabulous prizes just for logging in!

Contest: Win 5 bound print copies of your book or script just for signing up for Camp NaNoWriMo

I’m hosting a contest at the link above for anyone who signs up for Camp NaNoWriMo. You don’t even have to win, you just need to go to the Camp NaNoWriMo site and login with either your NaNoWriMo or Script Frenzy login info and then post your camper profile on the post linked above. Anyone, whether they’ve participated in any OLL event in the past or not, is eligible. 

Here’s the best part: The more people who enter, the more prizes I’ll be giving out so help me spread the word about this contest if you can. 

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Five things you should know before you start editing your novel or script


Editing. Maybe you envision some proofreading, correcting a few typos, and trimming a few sections. But until you’ve actually edited an entire book or script you don’t really know quite what you’re in for. Here’s five things you should really know about editing before you begin.

Keep reading…

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Screnzy Winner Bragging Party!

Script Frenzy winners around the world, reblog and let us know…

  • What did you write? (Screenplay? Graphic novel? Stage play? etc)
  • How many pages did you end up with?
  • How awesome are you?

Want to add more info like what day you passed 100 pages, a bit about your script or anything else? Go for it! It’s a brag party, y’all. Brag about your accomplishments without fear! :-) You totally deserve it!

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Shubert Fendrich Memorial Playwriting Contest

Looking for something to do with that script you wrote for Script Frenzy? This contest is free to enter and the deadline is a month away, giving you plenty of time for editing.

To encourage the development of quality theatrical materials for the educational, community and children’s theatre markets, Pioneer Drama Service is proud to sponsor the annual Shubert Fendrich Memorial Playwriting Contest.

This is an ongoing contest, with a winner selected by June 1 each year from all eligible submissions received the previous year. All eligible plays accepted for publication will be considered contest finalists, from which the winner will be selected. The contest winner will receive a $1,000 royalty advance in addition to publication.

Individuals currently published by Pioneer Drama Service are not eligible for this contest. Pioneer Drama Service employees and their families are also excluded.

Info on how to enter here.

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Script Frenzy ends tonight! What to do if you haven’t hit 100 pages yet?

To everyone who has already crossed the finish line by writing the 100th page on their scripts, I offer a hearty congratulations!

But if your page count is still a little bit less than 100 pages, you shouldn’t feel left out. There are still many hours left in the contest, plenty of time to add some more pages to your count. But even if you are at page 1, you definitely don’t want to quit today, no matter how far behind you are.

Sure, hitting 100 pages is great but if that is all you focus on, you’ll beat yourself up by the end of today if you haven’t hit that number. The point of this month is to challenge yourself to write more than you usually do so any amount is something to be proud of.

No matter how many pages behind you are, write your butt off today! Even if you only add 10 pages or so more to your count, you’ll end the day feeling like you accomplished a ton instead of feeling bad because you missed the 100. As long as you can sit back and honestly tell yourself that you tried your hardest to add as many pages to your count as possible today, you will still feel like a winner no matter what your final count. Even if you end this month short of the goal, you still wrote a good chunk of a new script which is more than what most people have done. And it gives you something to shoot for next year, to beat this year’s numbers.

Not to mention that it only takes most people about 1 to 2 hours to write 10 pages. You could almost do the whole 100 in one day at that rate. Even if what you write makes no sense whatsoever, just get those words down and you’ll be amazed at how fast the pages add up. Remember, you can always edit poor writing but you can’t edit a blank page so its better to get those ideas down, no matter how sloppily.

So remember, write write write! There is still plenty of time yet. The rest of us are rooting for you! :-)

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